What is Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS)?

VTS is a discussion facilitation strategy any teacher can use to spark students’ curiosity, promote critical thinking and evidentiary reasoning, and support a range of language, literacy, and communication skills. With time and practice, teachers grow adept at applying VTS facilitation techniques across their instructional practice and curriculum and, in the process, develop a deeper understanding of their students’ interests, needs, abilities, and perspectives.

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Teachers, do you live for those moments that remind you why you became a teacher? Are you looking for ways to engage every student in an authentic learning experience? Through Watershed’s VTS Basics course and VTS classroom practice, you will learn to expertly facilitate inquiry-based, student-driven discussions that challenge and enable all students to look closely, think deeply, and gain confidence in their own voice.

Schools & Districts

Principals, are you looking to enhance existing curriculum and invest in teacher success? Administrators, are you striving to support your schools to align instruction with standards and support 21st century learning in every classroom? Watershed’s VTS Basics course is a low-cost professional learning resource that trains teachers in an evidence-based, standards-aligned instructional strategy they will love and use every day.