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What is Watershed?

Watershed offers web-based courses and coaching through our state-of-the-art professional learning and collaboration platform. We help teachers learn and implement proven, inquiry-based methods - such as Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS).

Every student must become a lifelong learner for success in the 21st century. We believe inquiry-based teaching that empowers learners to question, probe, reflect, and present ideas most effectively enables every student to 'learn how to learn'.

For all students to succeed, every teacher must be committed, skilled, well-equipped, and supported. At Watershed, we equip educators with proven practices and support peer collaboration and deliberate practice to help them continuously improve. We make professional learning more affordable, enjoyable, and effective.

What is VTS?

VTS is a teaching method developed by Watershed co-founder, Philip Yenawine, and colleagues. VTS is used in hundreds of schools and museums across the United States and abroad. Watch the free demo.

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